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Ray-Ban smart and connected glasses by Facebook

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Ray-Ban and Facebook augmented sunglasses


Facebook recently entered into a partnership in 2020 with the world leader in optics Essilor Luxottica, with the objective of the release in 2021 of smart glasses from the Ray-Ban brand.

This commercial exchange is part of a more ambitious project of the American group, which wishes to create smart and high-end glasses, while offering the possibility to their owner, to perceive data and graphics on the reality which surrounds him, had detailed in 2020 Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook.

All of this Ray-Ban glasses "will represent our first step on the path to augmented reality glasses, and they are rather pretty," said the boss of the social network at the time of his press conference dedicated to the virtual reality platform Oculus, for which Facebook is invests a lot!

This technical and technological alliance "will combine the applications and technologies of Facebook with Luxottica's leadership and emblematic brands and Essilor's expertise in spectacle lenses to help consumers be better connected with their friends and family, ”the France-based group detailed in a separate press release.

The technical characteristics had not yet been specified but are in the process of being refined, the engineers of the "Project Aria" being still in the experimentation phase but progressing very quickly since 2020 and this project is really taking shape today!

Many obstacles will soon be resolved such as sensors, camera capabilities or software that must "map" in real time what the wearer of the glasses will see in order to add virtual images.

"Imagine a pair of glasses which brings, in 3D, a layer of additional useful and relevant information depending on the context, in addition to what your eyes observe ", Facebook advances in its commercial presentation of the project.

"Such a connected object could help us to fulfill certain daily tasks, such as finding your keys, moving easily in a new city, or saving a particular moment".

Facebook, regularly cited by the media and defender of rights, for the lack of protection of the privacy of its customers, stressed that this dimension was one of the priorities of the project.

The company therefore seems to want to avoid the many criticisms that accompanied the launch in 2013 of Google Glass, very controversial in relation to their camera and their camera that can be activated discreetly.

Google ended up abandoning the sale of this innovation to the general public before relaunching it in 2017 on connected glasses intended for professionals.

The carriers of the first prototypes of Ray-Ban connected glasses via Facebook in 2021, will only be allowed to record in Facebook offices, at home and in public space, but under no circumstances, in private spaces such as shops or restaurants, without the written permission of the establishments concerned.

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