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The best look and trends of women in the Fall / Winter Season

Like every year, the looks of autumn and winter are once again making their comeback!

Want to be at the top of your splendor, to highlight your look and your dress style? Here are our tips for a autumn or winter look feminine 100% successful!


Fashion floral print clothing with tights

The trend of floral print

Bourgeois and chic femininity is making a comeback this season!

No room escapes the floral invasion.

Retro Jackets with floral patterns, Blazers with floral prints, floral autumn and winter scarves, floral patterns can be collected endlessly!

It is therefore impossible to miss this essential trend!

With regard to tights

We advise you to prefer thin or opaque tights.

Especially choose the following colors: gray, burgundy, beige pink, black.

You can wear your tights with a fetish dress of mid-thigh length or knee.

With regard to the socks

Wearing socks on your tight tights or bare legs will give you a chic and original look.

The best socks to wear in autumn and winter are especially socks with lace or twist texture.

Avoid especially the undressed ones.

To emphasize your socks, prefer knee or thigh socks with cuffs.

The goal is especially not to have socks all tense.

Choose from sandals with square heels while avoiding too soft materials.

Leather is the best choice of material for your autumn and winter shoes.

Put on a pair of sneakers? Why not !

Fall, like winter, is the ideal season to wear sneakers in fabric or leather.

Wear some sneakers is also the best choice for the mid-season.

You can also wear runnings sneakers if you want to twister your outfits.

The runnings sneakers, designed primarily for racing, have become everyday accessories with their new colors and patterns.

Finally, to build a look, both casual and chic, avoid putting on a sweatshirt with jeans.

In short, it's up to you to choose according to your tastes and desires to impress those around you and to make a strong impression!

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