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How to choose the best connected watch?

The smart watch is currently a must-have accessory. She follows you every day, whether to monitor your physical activity, to communicate without using your smartphone, or simply to listen to music.

So among the plethora of offers, how do you find the best smartwatch?

Smart watch and connected

A connected watch that meets your needs

The search for ideal smartphone watch requires clear identification of your expectations beforehand.

Your smart watch Will it serve you as a sports accessory, as a communication tool or rather as a complement to your smartphone?

For athletes, the connected bracelet for sport perfectly meets my most needs. Equipped with an activity sensor and a motion detector, the latter records the efforts made during the day, the calories burned and monitors your sleep.

Geeks will preferably search for connected watches. A real extension of the smartphone, in this case, the device is a form of miniaturized computer connected to your phone.

Watch compatible android phone and Iphone

A smartwatch compatible with your smartphone

In order to fully exploit your smart watch, it is essential that you choose the right watch for your phone.

Indeed, just like smartphones, connected watches work with different operating systems.

To be fully functional, the SmartWatch and  phone must be coordinated!

There is the iPhone with the Apple Watch for example or Google who solved this problem with A.

So, all connected watches Android Wear can be linked to Android smartphones (4.3 version and above) or even Apple iPhones.


Other criteria for choosing smart watches

In addition to the basic criteria mentioned above, other features must be taken into account when choosing your smartwatch.


First, the price of the smartwatch.

It is possible to find basic connected watches of a few tens of euros, including the Smartwatch Samsung Gear Fit Black to 20 € 30.

The price of the most advanced models can however go up to thousands of euros, including Breitling Exospace B55 which costs around 5000 €!

It all depends on the brand, the quality and the features offered for the watch.


Second, the design: round, square, solid or refined?

The models of smartphone watches are abundant, everything will depend on its user.

The smartwatch of the athlete should be light and space-saving.

That of the eternally connected geek have a Imposing screen easily readable.

Fashionistas will look for a stylish accessory!


Tertio, a watch connected waterproof or not?

If you plan to use it for sports or wear it often, better to choose one waterproof connected watch because it will be less exposed to the rain and the various conditions of use. Eg if you forget that you wear it ... 

It does not generally increase its price and you will not have to worry anymore!


Finally, last important criterion, the autonomy of the battery!

This is very variable depending on the model! The analog screen watches are often more autonomous than those with touch screen, but have less features!


In summary, you can refer to the comparative online to find the best connected watch at the best price!

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